Tilting shower chair for comfort

With a tilting shower chair, you make things easier for both patient and caretaker alike, mostly thanks through its design and features. It's mainly used by patients that have trouble walking or cannot stand for very long due to medical reasons and the main purpose of these chairs is to help make showering and making visits to the toilet easier for patient and caretaker alike.

There's various manufacturers of these tilting shower chairs with TR Equipment​​ being one of the more prominent ones in the UK. The chairs from TR Equipment stands out thanks to the quality in materials and comfort as well as the easy to understand controls that makes adjusting height and tilting the chair that much easier. Their chairs are also easy to transfer patients to and It's possible to use their chairs for toileting over a normal toilet.

Less stress with tilting shower chairs

A tilting shower chair doesn't just make it easier to clean and shower patients but it also does lessen the stress and strain on the caretaker as well as minimizing the risks for both parties involved. Simply put, the tilting shower chair makes toilet visits safer and more comfortable. 

When it comes to caretaking it tends to cost less to invest in good equipment than to get cheap or no equipment at all. After all, a broken back is of help to no one and quality goods tend to have a longer lifespan too. Again, when it comes to quality the best choice is to go with TR Equipment whom creates safe and simple solutions and offers it at a good cost. ​